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If you are inquiring with regard to using photos or textual material from this site, please skip straight to the bottom of the page.

As of January 2012 I will only respond to inquiries for photo usage and related requests through this form. This is not a helpline for sick axolotls. If you make a health or care inquiry using the form you will not receive an answer. This site has a Frequently Asked Questions Page. In 2001, I set up, a forum community dedicated to the discussion of axolotls, newts, and other salamanders, as well as their health concerns. Thousands of people visit every day to discuss and read about these creatures. If your axolotl has a health or care concern not addressed on the frequently asked questions page, please visit

Photo or Material Use

If you are requesting the use of photos from this site, please be aware that there is no fee for non-commercial use. I am happy to provide a quote for commercial use, as long as you provide details of the publication, size of the photo on a page, and the size of the print run. For non-commercial and commercial purposes I am delighted to provide you with a high resolution version of any photo from the site on request.

Please use the form on to contact me.