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Read This First

If you're inquiring with regard to using photos or textual material from this site, please skip straight to the form by clicking here.  If you just want to send me a message that doesn't require a response, please also skip straight to the form.

As of January 2012 I will only respond to inquiries for photo usage and related requests through this form. This is not a helpline for sick axolotls. If you make a health or care inquiry using the form you will not receive an answer. In 2001 I set up, a forum community dedicated to the discussion of axolotls, newts, and other salamanders, as well as their health concerns. Thousands of people visit every day to discuss and read about these creatures. If your axolotl has a health or care concern, please visit

Why no help questions using this form?

I first began to write this site whilst I was still an undergraduate at Trinity College Dublin, in the late 1990s. This site finally went live on the Internet in 1999, and in the years since then it has grown far beyond my expectations. Believe it or not, between 1999 and 2002 I received at least 3 axolotl questions each and every day. 90% of these questions were clearly answered on the site. I then created the Frequently Asked Questions Page to deal with the majority of these questions and most of the remaining 10%. However, people kept emailing. Why did people persist in emailing me the same old questions? It was less effort for them to ask me a question than to actually read the web site.  It made me wonder why I bothered to write the site in the first place.

This site is superior to any "pet" book currently available on the subject of axolotls.  The site has even won awards, and several of the photos on display here can be seen in books, including a recent Physiology textbook published by Prentice Hall/Pearson in the USA.

Why am I telling you all of this?  So you will save us both some time.  How?  By reading the Frequently Asked Questions Page, and if your question isn't answered there, please search the site.  If you can't find the answer to your question, the best place to ask is the Axolotl Forum at  There you will find a huge archive of questions and answers that have been asked over the years, and plenty of your fellow axolotl enthusiasts to talk to about your axolotls.  The great thing about the forum is that your question and answer will be available for anyone else to see.

The Form

If you are requesting the use of photos from this site, please be aware that there is no fee for non-commercial use. I am happy to provide a quote for commercial use, as long as you provide details of the publication, size of the photo on a page, and the size of the print run. For non-commercial and commercial purposes I am delighted to provide you with a high resolution version of any photo from the site on request.

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